The regulations about Yokkaichi-shi walking-smoking prohibition

Such as, in Yokkaichi-shi, spoiling landscape of town by littering of burn and cigarette butt by fire of cigarette; because had problem, established "bylaw about Yokkaichi-shi walking-smoking prohibition" on July 5, 2016, and enforced from December 1.

  Act to be prohibited in the regulations 
In bylaw, we prohibit that we smoke by cigarette and that we possess cigarette with fire daylong in walking-smoking prohibition area.

Did you make this Q1 why regulations?
We find security/safety by these regulations preventing damage of burn by fire of cigarette about "walking-smoking", and planning improvement of environment beautification by littering decrease of cigarette butt and aim at town development to be able to live on comfortable living environment for.

What is Q2 walking-smoking?
"Walking-smoking" means that we smoke at place of the outdoor community including road and that we possess cigarette with fire. Not only smoking while we walk but also smoking while we ride case and bicycle, motorcycle stopping in is included in "walking-smoking".

Why is Q3 walking-smoking prohibited?
Even if smoker pays attention no matter how much, fire of cigarette may be human body, clothes or belonging which there is around. In addition, fire approaches in one of face of small child, and hand having cigarette is act dangerous at all.

What should person who wants to smoke Q4 cigarette do?
It does not become "walking-smoking" if you can smoke in smoking area established around walking-smoking prohibition area (position of smoking area refers to the map mentioned above). Let's be careful not to be annoyed by person of the circumference if we smoke even if it is these smoking areas.

What happens if we smoke in Q5 walking-smoking prohibition area?
Walking-smoking monitoring instructor instructs to stop walking-smoking. When we do not obey instruction, we collect administrative fines of 2,000 yen.