Source stone Kazuteru music exhibition "Yokkaichi asunarou tetsudokan"

Announcer source stone Kazuteru and Director Yokkaichi asunarou tetsudokan Louis loving railroad tell about Yokkaichi-shi and charm of Yokkaichi asunarou railroad!
We send various that is pleasant that general listener can enjoy mainly on Yokkaichi asunarou railroad, and railroad enthusiast can enjoy on music.
Source stone announcer interviews everybody taking asunarou railroad, and get request of music, and take a walk aimlessly at station which stopped over; and ...
Talk full loading that commentary, train enthusiast can enjoy about track and vehicle of narrow gauge of 762mm!

It is Clik! most newly here ("you store object in file" by right-click and do, and please reproduce if you cannot reproduce)
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★March 5, 2017 broadcast (abolished line walk)
★February 26, 2017 broadcast (sorampo Yokkaichi)
★February 19, 2017 broadcast (factory night view, others)
★February 12, 2017 broadcast (B-1 Grand Prix, others)
★February 5, 2017 broadcast (chicken garlic steak guest, others)
★January 29, 2017 broadcast (Tarumi field Shrine, others)
★January 22, 2017 broadcast (flashing tea Caffe, others)
★January 15, 2017 broadcast (stick center, others of Japanese sweet court waitress)
★January 8, 2017 broadcast (stick center slope, others)
★January 1, 2017 broadcast (description of bar roam, others of Director Louis)
★December 25, 2016 broadcast (konyudokun guest, others)
★December 18, 2016 broadcast (Minato, Yokkaichi port building, others)
★December 11, 2016 broadcast (UNESCO registration, others)
★December 4, 2016 broadcast (B-1 Grand Prix, others)
★November 27, 2016 broadcast (Oiwake - inside walk, others)
★November 20, 2016 broadcast (cedar Tetsu guest-shot, asunarou quiz)
★November 13, 2016 broadcast (mascot Grand Prix, konyudokun guest-shot, others)
★November 6, 2016 broadcast (Hinaga - Minamihinaga, the Minamihinaga - inside, others)
★October 30, 2016 broadcast (Hinaga - Nishihino, others)
★October 23, 2016 broadcast (Yokkaichi - Hinaga, others)
★October 16, 2016 broadcast (buzz-buzz street, others)
★October 9, 2016 broadcast (national family eisteddfod, others)
★October 2, 2016 broadcast (Director Louis introduction, Laurel Prize, others)