Which "we want to surely come" "wants to surely live", and two kinds of posters publicize Motoichi

 We plan improvement of city image of Yokkaichi-shi and are incentive of visit and transference to Motoichi and poster for the purpose of doing.
 When you can cooperate with notice of poster, please contact Yokkaichi-shi public information public hearing section (TEL059-354-8244).

<summary of poster>
○Size: B1 size (728mm *1,030mm)
○Contents: It is kompinato night view, sorampo Yokkaichi, families of the whole country with catch phrase of "we want to surely live" which "we want to surely come"
       We located photograph of area resources which became attractive of Motoichi including eisteddfod.
       In addition, we display link to promotion video delivering in Motoichi homepage and YouTube with QR code.

  Poster "wants to come"      Poster "wants to live"
          "Yokkaichi wants to surely come"                      "Yokkaichi wants to surely live"

YOKKAICHI CITY GIDE where we introduced information and measures such as nature, the history, culture of Motoichi and the present situation to using photographs clearly
  (the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbook) look at "Yokkaichi STYLE"