Exhibition of Yokkaichi-shi promotion picture "Yokkaichi story"

As we produced promotion picture to send charm of Motoichi widely, we are released.

<Yokkaichi-shi promotion picture "Yokkaichi story">
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 In Motoichi, we carry out events as part of city promotion business to plan various attractive information dispatch and improvement of city image.
 Therefore we raise information dispatch power of Motoichi by producing promotion picture of Motoichi, and applying it in at the time of events as tool of city promotion.
 Title "Yokkaichi story"
 "Hello" theme song
 / song, words: Ms.OOJA (sightseeing in Yokkaichi-shi ambassador)
                (the original piece of music that we wrote a new for Motoichi)
 Sound logo voice: Ms.OOJA (sightseeing in Yokkaichi-shi ambassador)

 Picture kind
 ○Main story approximately 30 minutes
  We are composed of three copies of short stories made with drama
  ・Episode 1 "memory of rail"
   Story mainly on "Yokkaichi asunarou railroad"
  ・Episode 2 "viewpoint"
   Story around "Yokkaichi complex night view"
  ・Episode 3 "gourmet of yokkaichi"
   Story around "Yokkaichi tonteki"
 ○Digest approximately five minutes (digest of the main story)
 ○30 seconds .15 seconds CM
  We produce for each three to episode of the main story
  "Yokkaichi asunarou tetsudohen"
  "Night view edition"
  "Yokkaichi tonteki"

 Production company JTB promotion

3.Story summary of the main story
 ・Episode 1 "memory of rail"
 Main character (girl) traces the ground of "Yokkaichi asunarou railroad" which mother whom we married into to father living in Yokkaichi loves and memory along the line, and heart feels Yokkaichi-shi livable warmly in station employee who got to know by train, touching with various places of neighboring stores.
  Resources to come up: "Yokkaichi asunarou railroad" "stick center slope" "maple valley"
 ・Episode 2 "viewpoint"
 As main character (youth) who cannot like hometown, Yokkaichi-shi goes round various spots including the boss and "Yokkaichi complex night view", we rediscover Yokkaichi-shi to be able to enjoy where we did not notice after closeness and stare at hometown, Yokkaichi-shi again.
  Resources to come up: "Mt. appendix slope Park, Hazu green tract of land observation deck" "manko*" "commuter pass city"
           "Flashing tea" "Yokkaichi complex night view Cruise"
 ・Episode 3 "gourmet of yokkaichi"
 In male (university student) glance that the history of woman (female office worker) with feelings and "Yokkaichi tonteki" has a lot on taste of "Yokkaichi tonteki", we introduce popular process of Yokkaichi and taste of civic effort, enthusiasm / "Yokkaichi tonteki".
  Resources to come up: "Yokkaichi tonteki" "naga rice cake" which "we cover, and tea is high"
           "Satoru Oya after the fair somen" "local sake"
  Resources to come up after episode: "sorampo Yokkaichi" "Yokkaichi JAZZ Festival"
                      "Family eisteddfod in yokkaichi of the whole country"
                      "Traditional arts that native district is proud" of others
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