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Yokkaichi asunarou railroad

Future hehabatakeasunarou railroad
Winning the 2016 laurel prize vehicle
☆We won Laurel Prize in 2016! (⇒ City Planning Division)

Yokkaichi asunarou railroad official homepage this (⇒ outside site)

Business distance in kilometers list, fare table this (⇒ City Planning Division)

Official Facebook (⇒ City Planning Division) of public transport promotion room

☆In public information yokkaichi (every month beginning issue) of 2015, we published corner of "asunarou railroad" serially.
We start as the first inside, Hachioji Line gaasunarou train service! (beginning of April, 2015 issue)
The second timetable and number of service do not change. Fare ... (beginning of May, 2015 issue)
Surprise (beginning of June, 2015 issue) at the third Utsube Station
Student in the fourth south, starfish high school student support (beginning of July, 2015 issue)
Let's heap up railroad running out of fifth size together! (beginning of August, 2015 issue)
The sixth waiting impatiently Shiina! Announcement (beginning of September, 2015 issue) of new vehicle 
The seventh passed for half a year, and what happened ...? (beginning of October, 2015 issue)
How is ride comfort of the eighth new model vehicle? (beginning of November, 2015 issue)
The ninth Hinaga Station is renewed! (beginning of December, 2015 issue)
We run carrying thought and idea of the tenth area! (beginning of January, 2016 issue)
We accept vote of the eleventh vehicle design! (beginning of February, 2016 issue)
Thank you for the twelfth one year! Let's do our best from now on! (beginning of March, 2016 issue)

☆Yokkaichi STYLE picture gallery this (⇒ outside site)
You can see pictures such as "sacred place of narrow gauge" - inside, Hachioji Line ...