Yokkaichi-shi public health center

Urgent information, attention awakening from Yokkaichi-shi public health center

Toward the duties guidance citizen


Toward the duties guidance company

Guidance of contact information and place

 The Yokkaichi-shi synthesis hall (2-2, Suwacho, Yokkaichi-shi) Yokkaichi-shi government office west side

Health Prevention Section Fax 059-351-3304
Person in charge of health prevention Tel 059-352-0594
Person in charge of mental health Tel 059-352-0596

Hygiene Facility Planning Division Fax 059-351-3304
Person in charge of life hygiene Tel 059-352-0591
Person in charge of food pharmaceutical affair Tel 059-352-0592
Place: Yokkaichi-shi synthesis hall the fourth floor .5 floor
Address: 2-2, Suwacho, Yokkaichi-shi

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The hygiene Facility Planning Division
     Animal protection management charge
Fax 059-352-1611
Tel 059-352-0613                                                                                                                                                          

Place: Yokkaichi, Mie Government building north hall the first floor
Address: 4-21-5, Shinsho, Yokkaichi-shi

Food sanitation inspection station Fax 059-352-0786
Edible meat inspection group Tel 059-352-0785
Examination of hygiene group Tel 059-352-0609
Address: 4-20-3, Shinsho, Yokkaichi-shi

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