Various application styles

When various applications, notification forms comprised in city hall or each civic center have you use this service,
You take out of the PC anytime for 24 hours and can use for real procedure.
In addition, in the use, we have you read the following instructions and hope that you use.

1.It is not all applications, report documents to be available.

2.As you cannot perform application, report filing of paper on the Internet, please submit necessary matters to counter in charge after entry.
3."Acrobat Reader" is necessary to use this service.
We can download when we click right icon.Acrobat Reader from this

         Financial management department    People's culture part    Health and Welfare Department  
         Child future part    Commercial and industrial agriculture water part    Environment Department  
         Urban Development Division    Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau    Agriculture committee  
         The firefighting headquarters      The general affairs department       The Board of Education

 List of each part document

Financial management department

◆Municipal Tax Division
◆Fixed Property Tax Division

People's culture part

◆Citizen's section

    Health and Welfare Department

    ◆Care, old employee services
    ◆Disability Welfare Division
    ◆Insurance pension section
    ◆About application of Health Center to this

    Child future part

    ◆Child health employee services
    ◆Childcare kindergarten section

    Commercial and industrial agriculture water part

    ◆Commercial and industrial section
    ◆Sightseeing, city promotion section
    ◆Agriculture water promotion section
    ◆Agriculture center

    Environment Department

    ◆Environment safeguard section
    ◆Life Environment Division

    Urban Development Division

    ◆City Planning Division
    Building Guidance Division
    ◆City area maintenance, park section
    ◆Road Administration Division

    Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau

    Agriculture committee

    ◆Agriculture committee

    The firefighting headquarters

    ◆It is common throughout preventive preservation section, fire department

    ◆Preventive preservation section

    ◆Fire department, branch office


    The general affairs department

    ◆Procurement Contract Division

    The Board of Education

    ◆The Social Education Division