Mascot (R) "konyudokun" of Yokkaichi-shi

 With mascot character born as commemorative age of the 100th anniversary of the municipal organization, the name was decided by open call for participants.
 For existence got close to to citizen widely, we are playing an active part in various events now.

 Figure which popular "giant of a man (onyudo) ※" of great Yokkaichi festival rises on stature 4.5m, 2.7m in length of neck, the base (festival car) of 1.8m is overall height 9.0m, and father is the Japan's biggest mechanism doll.

 When we stretch out neck like "giant of a man" of father, and we goggle with eyeball, and being enough touches though it is not possible while praying for speaking "konyudokun", and "wanting to stretch out" ... tto lengthening long tongue, it is said that we have wish realized.

 "konyudokun" does
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"We are using konyudokunno illustration" 
 ⇒ Inquiry about use of illustration, design to policy promotion section (TEL059-354-8112)
   When illustration of "konyudokun" is used, prior application is necessary.
Please submit thing understanding application and usage to policy promotion section. As procedure takes - around ten days for one week,
   Please apply having margin.
   [in use careful] Please use design and color without changing.
                In addition, about change of expression of face or addition of any belonging,
                Please talk at the time of application in some cases as you may not admit.
[payment of the fee for use] When we use for product or commercial advertisement, it is necessary to have you pay the fee for use of 10,000 yen once.

 ★ New pose was added to illustration of "konyudokun". Specifically, ⇒ this (pdf file opens) 

Giant of a man

※ Giant of a man festival car
(Mie designation materiality folk cultural assets)

 In last part of Edo era, cheat person in town (Nakanayacho as of town of pail) of old pail

It is raccoon dog and ka kashia by opening that made to punish raccoon dog playing with

It is said that iosuruuchinidandan grew big.

 Current giant of a man was made early in the Meiji era and avoided destruction by fire from war damage.

We are succeeded by Nakanayacho giant of a man preservation society and are held every year on first Saturday and Sunday of August

We appear for ru "great Yokkaichi festivals". It is both arms in rhythm of gong and drum in total

Swing, neck which stretched out for a long time greatly start powerful movement and tongue falling down at a stretch o; and eyes

As for the interesting expressions to move omuki, the eyebrows, eight puppeteers of preservation society check breath

We move with te human power.