Yokkaichi-shi child medical expenses qualification authorization application

Yokkaichi-shi child medical expenses receipt qualification authorization application

Contents When we receive authorization of the child medical expenses furtherance, we submit.
Window Child health employee services (general hall the third floor), each district civic center (except the central part), citizen's window Service Center (Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Station underpass from 10:00 to 19:00)
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◇System summary
※It applies to a certain child (child before the junior high school end) after 15 years old arrival to first March 31. (there are income restrictions)
※We support about (except amount of money performed from health insurance union including large amount of allowance for family medical expenses and addition stipend) for insurance application in amounts that we paid with medical institution.
※We judge income restrictions with income of the last year, income of year for from January to August before last for from September to December.
※In the case of transference, in the case of birth, please apply within one month from health insurance card grant day of child for less than one month from transference day.
  When application is late more than one month, we authorize receipt qualification from the first day of the belonging moon of application day.
※From April, 2014 consultation to August, 2015 consultation, only hospitalization is targeted about junior high student. Please refer for medical expenses to child health employee services after payment if you are going to receive the furtherance about the amount.
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The amount of income restrictions
The number of support relatives
The income restrictions ceiling (under)
0 people
6,220,000 yen
6,600,000 yen
Two people
6,980,000 yen
Three people
7,360,000 yen
Four people
7,740,000 yen

Forehead that number added 380,000 yen to the ceiling of more than 5 cases for one of support relative.
◇Entry methods
Transfer account is limited to protector name.
◇Attached documents
※Person who protector lives in Yokkaichi-shi as of January 1, and does not appear is income, taxation certificate for year corresponding to judgment of income. (in tax practice department in charge of municipality government office lived in as of January 1, please order certificate to understand of income, income, deductions)
※Health insurance card of child

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