About copyrights

About copyright (link and quotation)

About intellectual property rights such as copyrights

As for contents and the material of Yokkaichi-shi official site, rightful claimant who admitted use in Yokkaichi-shi or Yokkaichi-shi holds intellectual property rights such as copyrights.

Please be careful not to violate intellectual property rights on the second use.

About figure, data displayed in GIS, please obey Terms of Use.
When you are hard to understand with Terms of Use, please refer to IT promotion section.


About quotation

When you quote contents of Yokkaichi-shi official site, you understand quotation part clearly, and please specify origin of quotation.
Please do not modify quotation part.
About material such as image, video, sound and attached file, there is thing that the use was accepted only in Yokkaichi-shi from rightful claimant.
Please confirm cases to distribute to in forms such as printed matter individually.

Link policy

There is no limit in particular in rink to each page in Yokkaichi-shi site except GIS.
In addition, notice of link, indication with new window are not necessary, too.
target attribute (designation of Window) recommends "_top".
In addition, event information and offer, guidance may remove from server after the end.
Please be careful about broken links.

We would like link to GIS on Terms of Use page.
Rightful claimant of map data does not permit direct link to each point.