Lifelong learning, culture, international

Lifelong learning, culture, international guide

Lifelong learning

We will learn learning information of Yokkaichi-shi
Introduced civic circle activities; can look at communication Web version as soon as let's learn

Citizen University, middle age university
We introduce lecture and lecture of citizen University, middle age university

Home delivery of cooked foods lecture
Staff of charge city becomes lecturer and helps with learning about administration

naya plaza
We perform support about social movement including NPO registration consultation


Yokkaichi-shi culture promotion vision
It is basic plan about promotion of culture

Station of culture
It is place of civic interchange, experience, announcement with culture as keyword

Cultural assets
We introduce designation, registration cultural assets of Yokkaichi

Excavation report
It is excavation report which we issued until now

International exchange

Sisters, friendship town of Yokkaichi-shi
We introduce introduction of sister city United States Long Beach City, friendship town China Tianjin City and partner summary

Many culture symbiosis

Yokkaichi-shi many culture symbiosis promotion plan
We show basic ways of thinking of many culture symbiosis in Motoichi and carry out systematic approach and aim at promotion of many culture symbiosis in area.

Yokkaichi-shi many culture symbiosis promotion citizen round-table conference
We perform talks about problem and approach for symbiosis promotion of Motoichi