As for the municipal administration information, it is recruited offer program production business consignment proposal participants

Municipal administration information recruits offer program production business consignment proposal participants.

●Offer period
Until presentation Friday, January 20, 2017 12:00 of participation intention offer book
※After examination confirmation of participation qualification, please submit plan proposal by 16:00 on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

●Participation qualification 
Thing participating in proposal correspond to all the matters to advocate next.
(1) Do not correspond to 4 rules of Local Autonomy Law enforcement order Article 167.
(2) Being enrolled in Yokkaichi-shi bid participation qualified person list article, business consignment. In addition, registration type of industry assumes (program production, broadcast). [and when non-registration or registration types of industry are different, by proposal conduct, we submit documents which city appoints by January 25, 2017 Mie municipalities synthesis office work association ( htmlSettling registration procedure with)]
(3) The items mentioned of documents submitted in preliminary screening of prospective bidders application not having falsehood.
(4) They are going to be given in trust from the open call for participants starting date, and, during until day of candidate identification, Yokkaichi-shi building works do not receive measures of bid participation qualification stop by rule of bid participation qualification stop standard.
(5) Statement of reorganization procedure start based on the Corporate Reorganization Act and statement of rehabilitation proceedings start based on Civil Rehabilitation Law do not be done.
(6) Having the results that affected administrative reporting program production of the local government.
(7) Do not violate other laws and ordinances, rules concerned.

●Downloaded file
  Offer essential point
  The plan proposal making point
  Examination essential point
  Style 1 (participation intention offer book)
  Style 2 (participation screening result office action)
  Style 3 (proposal examination result office action)
  Style 4 (proposal)
  Style 5 (conduct policy of duties)
  Style 6 (duties road map)
  Style 7 (plan proposal)
  Style 8 (company profile)
  Interrogatory book
  Report of refusal
  Reference written estimate