Production televises municipal administration information program "channeruyokkaichi" to have citizen's everybody know various business and charm of city that city carries out in Yokkaichi-shi.
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・Program name   :channeruyokkaichi
・The broadcast date and time: Daily life twice broadcast 20 minutes program
        It is 20:30 at 20:30 fire, tree, soil 12:30 at 9:30 on month, water, gold, day
・Broadcasting station  :Terrestrial digital 12ch (CTY)
・Production   :36 a year (every three a month ※ changes program on 21st on 11th for one day a month)

■We perform video transmission of past broadcast in YouTube.

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■It is program of (plan) under broadcast on TV
[during broadcast]
H29. 3.21-3.31
vol .798 is carried, and let's protect! Public transport
H29. 4.1-4.10 Dispatch attractive in vol .799 Film Commission
H29. 4.11-4.20 Let's go to "town" held in vol .800 Mts. Suzuka Mizusawa!