With child care support center

Infants (0 years old - 3 years old) and the protector use casually, and support is active mainly as place where there are interchange and child-care consultation service, place of child care provision of information. About medical institution type, we perform support (health consultation others) that we made use of medical characteristic in.


Alone-shaped child care support center

Support center name Address Telephone
Yokkaichi City bridge north 1-3-13, Umaokoshi 059-332-4527
Yokkaichi City Shiohama 887-1, Shiohama 059-345-7978

Child care support center of public nursery school

Support center name Address Telephone
Satoru Oya nursery school 1-11-12, Matsudera 059-365-0376
Sea storehouse nursery school 883-1, Nishiakuragawa 059-331-0136
Sasagawa nursery school 6-29-1, Sasagawa 059-321-5510
Center Nursery Center which goes out of power 498-1, Asakecho 059-336-3321
Agata nursery school 966-1, Akozucho 059-326-0004

Child care support center of private nursery school

Support center name Address Telephone
Izumi nursery school Triple 6-129 059-332-6123
Chick nursery school Higashihino-cho character Shiroyama 1611-16 059-322-1829
Suck sea bream; Nursery Center Nishihinocho now volost 1871-7 059-321-1175
Grow; nursery school 26-5, Omiyacho 059-332-2392
kokko nursery school 986-1, Higashihinocho 059-320-2055
Otanidai nursery school 1-82, Otanidai 059-332-5150
Suck sea bream; central Nursery Center Forest 1-10-20 of cormorant 059-352-3600
Japan nursery school 3-2, Matsubaracho 059-365-0840

Child care support center of medical institution

Support center name Address Telephone
Mihara clinic 3-1-21, Hinaganishi 059-345-2886
Okadai child clinic 1-35-4, Okadai 059-373-6639

Schedule of each child care support center

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Contact information

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Location / 〒 510-0085 2-2, Suwacho, Yokkaichi-shi (general hall the third floor)
Phone number /059-354-8038  FAX/059-354-8061  E-mail/ kodomomirai@city.yokkaichi.mie.jp